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What Our Arizona Clinical Thermography Clients
Are Saying

"I LOVE my clients!  Helping each one of them is my favorite part of what I "get" to do each day!"

--- Tina Clemmons, De Novo Scan Owner/Thermographer

Pennie R. - Phoenix AZ

Very comfortable and experience, thank you for what you do. My Thermal Scan was amazing!

Marybeth B. - Scottsdale AZ

Tina does an awesome job in making clinical thermography scans a comfortable, quick and easy procedure. This is to go if you don't want your boobs smashed and radiated!!

Holly R. - Scottsdale AZ

Thank you Tina my Thermal health scan!  It was wonderful meeting you...

Mary M. - Mesa Arizona

Relaxed appointment with Tina, who seems intelligent and very competent about Thermal Scans. Pleasant experience!

Norma C. - Scottsdale AZ

Appointment was on time at the Scottsdale location with nice environment. This is my second appointment for a Thermography scan with Tina who is not only friendly but knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable. The thermal scan and health screening took less than 30 minutes and results were received in less than a week.

Nan A. - Mesa AZ

Great experience with Tina on my Thermography scan. Very efficient, friendly, and overall nice facility.

Julie J. - Chandler AZ

Great customer service. Tina makes you feel completely comfortable and at ease during the Thermal scan.

Leah E. - Phoenix AZ

As soon as you walk into the office, you feel at ease. Tina was professional, friendly and informative. Highly recommend her if you want to get a Thermography scan.

Reiko W. - Phoenix AZ

GREAT overall experience!!! Tina is super friendly & knowledgeable. She made sure to target problem areas and explained everything regarding Thermography scans.

Colleen B. - Tempe AZ

Loved hanging out with Tina, she made me feel comfortable during my health screening and it was a blast! I'm excited to get the results.

Tracy W. - Glendale AZ

Tina....always such a pleasure getting my Thermography scan with you!

Gina M. - Litchfield Park AZ

Short and sweet thermal scan...Tina is amazing!

Michele D. - Paradise Valley AZ

Very thorough and professional health screening.

Lynn S. - Chandler AZ

Tina was amazing and super friendly!  She thoroughly explained the Thermography scan process during my health screening and was very professional through out.

Liah H. - Scottsdale AZ

Convenient and beautiful location.  Tina was wonderful, knowledgeable, and kind.  I felt totally comfortable with her on my thermal scan. She made the process easy.  Thank you.

Bernadeane B. - Mesa AZ

Tina is very kind and professional and explained  the Thermography scan procedure very well.

Shauna P. - Mesa AZ

Excellent care and service my health screening.

Robyn K. - Glendale AZ

I will recommend De Novo Scan Clinical Thermography to all of my family and friends. Tina Clemmons was my technician and she is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and courteous!

Natalie H. - Phoenix AZ

Friendly and quick health screening service!

John J. - Phoenix AZ

Tina was very professional and knowledgeable about telling me about my issues.  Will return and reccomend Tina to other patients wanting a Thermography scan.... Thank you very much Tina!!!!!!

Jessica F. - Litchfield Park AZ

Thank you Tina for making my experience a comfortable one!  Great Place and everyone should have these Thermography scans done!!!  Stay Healthy!

Beth K. - Chandler AZ

In addition to high quality equipment, Tina has materials in the office to educate clients so they can improve breast health, and access to an appointment with an excellent physician, who interprets the scans, and can go more in depth on nutrition, lifestyle and exercise. I'm looking forward to seeing improvements in my Thermography scan in three months.

Eileen K. - Chandler AZ

Tina explained the whole health screening process to me and answered any questions I had on Thermal scans. She was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I felt very comfortable.

Karla M. - Mesa AZ

Tina was professional, friendly and made me feel very comfortable.  She explained everything as we went along.  It was a great experience and I look forward to getting my Thermography scan results.

Joanne M. - Mesa AZ

It's a quick and easy health screening procedure.

Romy N. - Tempe AZ

Great customer service. Easy to make the appointment and flexible scheduling times for getting Thermography scans.

Michelle H. - Paradise Valley AZ

Great service and supportive health screening procedure when looking for or preventing illnesses.

Leanne W. - Glendale AZ

Thermography scan was quick and easy.  Tina will make you feel comfortable the whole time.

Jimmy R. - Scottsdale AZ

First impression — the staff was friendly, courteous, and professional.  The thermal scanning process was clearly organized and defined.

Shawna M. - Scottsdale AZ

She did a great job on my Thermography scan and it was a very comfortable experience.

Shirley E. -  Litchfield Park AZ

Lovely and skilled technical care during my health screening. 

Dana J. - Tempe AZ

Always great to see Tina while getting my Thermography scan again.

Kelly C. - Tempe AZ

This is my 2nd time getting a thermal scan here, highly recommended!

Sherry T. - Phoenix AZ

Office was very clean. Tina was on time, friendly and professional and explained the Thermography scan process very well. Overall a very positive health screening experience.

Shelley B. - Scottsdale AZ

Professional and friendly.  I like that Tina is able to explain the Thermal scan results.  The last place I went to did not offer an explanation and I had to go through a separate company.  Tina provides help from start to finish of the breast thermography scan & results.

Jan D. - Paradise Valley AZ

Tina, you have an excellent bedside manner... Love working with you on getting my thermal scan!


Shirryn P. - Phoenix AZ

Will be a regular client for any health screening!


Kim Marie P. - Phoenix AZ

My appointment was kept on time and at a convenient one. This is my 4th thermography scan here.  Tina is not only a  professional but also warm and friendly. I would recommend this type of scan to everyone! Thanks De Novo Scan!


Jane M. - Litchfield Park AZ

Booked for a health screening. Wonderful people and very professional!

Robin N. - Scottsdale AZ

I'm so happy there's a clinic that offers thermography right here in Scottsdale. Tina is a delightful professional that I can trust.

Kim M. - Chandler AZ

Excellent staff, comfortable environment and all the information regarding Thermography scan was very clear.

Michele C. - Chandler AZ

Tina was excellent.  Definitely going back on my next health screening. Always very detailed oriented.

Alisha C. - Mesa AZ

Tina is very calm and makes you feel comfortable! Highly recommend for Thermography scans! 


Meghan K. - Glendale AZ

It was so easy and really informative. I would highly recommend De Novo Scan for your health screening.


Brooklyn C. - Mesa AZ

Tina is very professional, knowledgeable, and sweet. Great experience during my thermal scan!


Elaine G. - Mesa AZ

Tina was awesome with my thermography scans. I really appreciate this alternative to a traditional Mammogram


Lena D. - Paradise Valley AZ

Tina is a excellent provider for thermography at De Novo. She is a wonderful communicator and caring person.


Tina J. - Scottsdale AZ

Tina is one of the best around. Completely professional, makes you feel comfortable and she’s just an all around beautiful spirit. I won’t go to anyone else for my thermal scans.


Kami W. - Phoenix AZ

Tina truly cares about every patient that walks through their doors for answers to healing. She’s so knowledgeable on Thermography scans and was able to answer all of my questions. Thank you Tina for having the loving heart that you do that helps this wellness journey go that much smoother.

Connie K. - Phoenix AZ

Tina Clemmons was knowledgeable, friendly, and thorough. Couldn't have asked for anything more! Will refer others to her wanting thermography scans. 


Brenda M. - Glendale AZ

Did a full thermal woman’s body scan with De Novo. Tina was amazing!  She walked you through the whole non-invasive process and made you totally feel at ease. Very personable, professional, and able to answer every question. The images are read by a breast surgeon and is a women’s advocate. You receive a very detailed report that is easy to read and understand. Highly recommend the services offered!

Rebecca P. - Tempe AZ

Tina was AMAZING!!!! Had a great experience during my health screening. 


Rebekah B. - Mesa AZ

I felt very comfortable with Tina. She is very knowledgeable & has been doing thermography scans for 9yrs. She told me that this is the only scanning company in the valley that a Dr who’s an expert in the field reads the pictures & you can talk to the doctor about your results.


Kimberley M. - Litchfield Park AZ

This is my 2nd scan with Tina Clemmons. I have been very happy with my experiences at DeNovo Scan. I will continue to have my thermal scans done here.


Ali D. - Chandler AZ

Tina is wonderful! She is very knowledgeable and makes you feel very comfortable during your health screening. :-)

Megan D. - Chandler AZ

Tina is awesome. She not only took the time to go through my thermal scan results but is also providing a follow up referral next steps.

Jill H. - Mesa AZ

I highly recommend this clinic for your health screening!!! Tina was/is absolutely wonderful and their physician is a (former) breast surgeon which I was unaware of at the time of scheduling an appointment. I could not have had a better experience!

Stefanie (NMD) - Scottsdale AZ

Tina was GREAT and made the experience very comfortable.  I highly recommend De Novo for your thermal imaging scans!

Nereida T.  - Scottsdale AZ

One of the best experiences for me after many terrible experiences getting a thermal scan elsewhere and searching for alternative breast scan. The Dr explains everything in detail with so much kindness and compassion. I recommend to any person who’s looking for a noninvasive approach this is the place!!!!!

Christy P. - Glendale AZ

Tina was so great. This was my first experience with thermography and the appointment was painless and quick. She made me feel very comfortable and taken care of.  I HIGHLY recommend De Novo Scan Thermography.


Carey C. - Litchfield Park AZ

Always an easy experience getting my health screening and great customer follow up!


Dennis B. - Paradise Valley AZ

I thought everything was done extremely professionally.


Alice M. - Tempe AZ

No Waiting....clean, attractive office.....competent and very friendly, welcoming thermal scan technician.


Michael A. - Tempe AZ

Absolutely thrilled with the service + office. Couldn't be more pleased with my health screening experience.


Christy S. - Phoenix AZ

Great service. Very kind and knowledgeable on Thermography scans.


Debora F. - Phoenix AZ

I really like the clinic and the staff, I will recommend them to anyone getting a thermography scan for sure.


Laura C. - Mesa AZ

Awesome and will come again and refer my friends for their health screening!


Shawn L. - Glendale AZ

Tina makes the thermal scan process as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Leighanne F. - Paradise Valley AZ

Fantastic place!! Tina, the owner is such a nice and caring person. Highly recommend for your thermal scan needs.

Kristin M. - Scottsdale AZ

Health screening process was relaxed and comfortable.

Peggy D. - Chandler AZ

Very professional! Tina is so friendly & I immediately felt at ease. I also appreciate how knowledgeable she is on thermography scans. Great experience & highly recommend Tina!

Sandra F. - Chandler AZ

Excellent health screening service and hospitality all around! First time experience and very grateful to have found De Novo Scan for this holistic service!


Jeanie P. - Litchfield Park AZ

Quick, painless, and Tina is very professional.  Drove 2 hours for my health screening exam and it was well worth it.


Terry B. - Glendale AZ

I will leave my THIRD here only because I was impressed w/ Tina Clemmons.  She was kind, knowledgeable, skilled, appropriate, sympathetic, patient, professional. I rate my entire thermography scan experience as excellent.


Kim F. - Phoenix AZ

Very thorough and informative care on my health screening exam.


Jacqueline C. -  Mesa AZ

Tina is amazing. Makes you feel comfortable. A GREAT service & alternative from mammogram.  I highly recommend for your thermography scan needs!

Diane O. - Mesa AZ

First thermal scan experience. Great customer care in a comfortable setting.

Kimberlee B. - Scottsdale AZ

Easy and painless. Nice thermography scan technician.

Mary Ann M. - Tempe AZ

Highly recommend if you are wanting a different alternative to mammograms. Tina is amazing and knowledgeable on thermography scans!

Sandra B. - Paradise Valley AZ

Tina is always kind and helpful every time I'm here for my health screening. .

Deena W. - Paradise Valley AZ

Tina was excellent and made me feel very comfortable on my first thermal scan! 

Eileen M. - Litchfield Park AZ

Tina was very professional, friendly and helpful. She spent a great deal of time doing printouts for responses to my questions regarding thermography.

Robyn S. - Phoenix AZ

Very comfortable process and peaceful environment. The thermal scan was simple and I never felt uneasy during the process. Thank you!

Connie B. - Phoenix AZ

Tina is very knowledgeable about thermography and is very professional. I didn't have to wait and the appointment went very smoothly.


Jacqueline J. - Glendale AZ

I was comfortable and felt solid about the thermography scan procedure.


Lydia M. - Scottsdale AZ

This is the second thermal scan I have had with Tina at De Novo.  She is super sweet and makes you feel very comfortable.


Terry B. - Mesa AZ

Kind, considerate, knowledgeable, professional, trustworthy and patient during my health screening . 


Alicia G. - Mesa AZ

I truly enjoyed this new experience and appreciated how Tina answered as many questions as she could for me on thermography. I was comfortable through every step and highly recommend these services.


Kristin R. - Scottsdale AZ
Great experience! Tina was very informative, professional, and made me feel very comfortable throughout my health screening!


Jeanie P. - Glendale AZ
Quick, painless, and Tina is very professional.  Drove 2 hours for this thermal exam and it was well worth it.

Erin R. - Paradise Valley AZ
Tina is great before, during, and after my first thermography scan.  Love having De Novo Scan in the valley.

Jana M. - Scottsdale AZ
Tina makes you feel very comfortable. She gave good directions preparing for the thermogram scan and during it.  She made it a pleasant experience!

Dana D. - Scottsdale AZ
Health screening appointment was smooth and on time. Tina was very professional.

Barb Y. - Phoenix AZ
I liked that it was a very relaxed atmosphere. Tina explained how the whole process would work and it took less than an hour for the full thermal scan. I look forward to seeing the results.

Rita T. - Litchfield Park AZ
Tina is wonderful. Definitely a great health screening experience.

Janice G.  - Litchfield Park AZ
Tina was very prompt, professional and pleasant. I always look forward to my thermal scan appointments.

Gayla M.  - Mesa AZ
Enjoyable thermography experience.

CJ H.  - Phoenix AZ
This was my 2nd scan here. Tina is wonderful! Very down to earth and informative, all through the thermography exam. I highly recommend her services who wants a safer way to be preventative about their breast health!


​Joanne B. - Glendale AZ

Tina is always amazing.  She is so knowledgeable and professional and I always enjoy my health screening appts with her!

Debra H.  - Scottsdale AZ
It was easy and quick thermal scan. Tina is Amazing.  I highly recommend De Novo Scan to all family and friends.

Shelley W. - Scottsdale AZ

Thermography scan process was efficient, informative & kind.  Made the experience easy and no stress.  Thanks for being a great person Tina!

Madelon C. - Paradise Valley AZ

So much better than a mammogram! Came back from Mexico, where we now live, especially to have a breast/lymph thermal scan done by Tina! As usual great service and explanation!

Heather W. - Litchfield Park AZ

I wasn't sure what to expect going in for a thermal scanbut Tina was awesome and made the appointment very relaxing and comfortable.

Beverly C.  - Mesa AZ

Great experience, I’ll be anxious to see the results of the thermography test. Really don’t want to have another mammogram.

Kathleen M. - Chandler AZ

A good health screening experience. Tina is professional, knowledgeable and personable.

Suzanne H.  - Chandler AZ

Everything about my thermography experience with Tina was wonderful!

Shawn F. - Glendale AZ

The thermal scan appointment went very well.  Thanks for your service!

Belinda S.   - Tempe AZ

Tina, you're very knowledgeable, caring, and professional.  Thank You for taking your time to do a thermal scan for me.   I will be passing this info on to my friends and family.

Kelly F.  - Paradise Valley AZ

Tina was Great! I did not feel rushed during my thermography appointment. Most of all, she answered any questions I had that I was concerned about.

Judy B. - Phoenix AZ

Very professional and informational personnel on Thermography.

Justine B. - Phoenix AZ

My appt. w/Tina was flawless and empowering, knowing that I will soon find out how things truly are going on the inside...all w/o a smidge of radiation...I'm spreading the word…cheers!!

Alyssa F.  - Glendale AZ

Tina is a true expert on thermography!! Very easy to understand, work with & made me feel very comfortable. I appreciated her knowledge & expertise. Thank you!

Randi S.  - Paradise Valley AZ

Tina was professional, accessible, warm and compassionate. She explained everything about thermography in detail and made herself available for future questions.

Sherry A.  - Chandler AZ

No fuss test and good clinical information on thermographyprovided by Tina. I will never have another mammogram unless it is really needed.

Shirley A.  - Chandler AZ

I felt very comfortable on my health screening with Tina. We shared the same interest in various health issues, and I enjoyed talking with her on a personal level.

Stephanie T. - Scottsdale AZ

quick, easy and painless health screening.

Elizabeth S. - Mesa AZ

After being exposed to radiation while working in the operating room as a nurse for years I've decided to do thermography instead of mammograms. Tina took her time to help me understand the process. It was very quick and best of all...painless! Thank you, Tina!

Pamela S. - Litchfield Park AZ

Tina always makes me feel comfortable, is knowledgeable and answers questions. So happy to have found this thermal scan option rather than doing mammograms. I appreciate this service.

Guest - Tempe AZ

Tina was so sweet. Answered all my questions. Introduced me to a couple new people during my health screening that I hope can help me on my path to healing and feeling better.

Josie R. - Phoenix AZ

I wish I had done my thermal screening years ago. You were wonderful to be with, Tina. 

Christine E. - Phoenix AZ

Tina, you were a blast to share time with. Your knowledge and joy for what you do especialy on thermography completely shines through. Thank you for being a special part of my day of celebration. 


Gina M. - Scottsdale AZ

Tina was patient and listened to my personal health concerns to add to notes. She made me feel very comfortable through the process.


Brenda W. - Chandler AZ

Tina does a great job making me comfortable during my health screening and doing her job. She's always professional, which is why I'm a repeat customer.

Sandy C. - Paradise Valley AZ

Tina was very knowledgeable and explained everything to me. She was patient and thorough. Tina was professional and personable at the same time.  I’m going to recommend her to my family and friends for their next health screening. 

Stephanie R. - Mesa AZ

Very happy to have found Tina for my health screening!

Stacey A. - Mesa AZ

I felt comfortable and at ease the whole time on my thermal scan!!

Gabriella A. - Phoenix AZ

Tina is wonderful! Thank you!!

Rachael P. - Litchfield Park AZ

Wonderful experience! Tina was so gracious and made me feel very comfortable.

Nancy M. - Litchfield Park AZ

Tina was excellent! She was professional, kind and had taken the time to explain the thermal scan procedure to me in depth. It was and overall great experience.

Earnestine H. - Scottsdale AZ

Tina, Thank you for helping me to understand thermo imaging and making my experience a great one.


April L. - Glendale AZ

This was my first time doing a thermal scan. Tina was super nice and friendly.


Janet H. - Glendale AZ

Tina was very professional, courteous and explained the health screening process.

Leslie F.  - Phoenix AZ

All went well, a comforting environment for thermography scan.

Julie Y. - Paradise Valley AZ

A very comfortable experience with Tina and the thermal scan procedure.

Louise B. - Scottsdale AZ

Very relaxed environment which was perfect for a first health screening visit

Guest - Scottsdale AZ

My appointment went well as I had anticipated, and I am anxiously awaiting the results. I believe thermograms are the best form of diagnoses - much more sophisticated than having an old-school doctor poke and prod and then prescribe medications. This way I can be in control of my body and not expect someone else to be responsible for me.

Kim L.  - Mesa AZ

Tina's expertise, care and concern made the thermal scan a breeze. Happy to know Dr Horner is the examiner. I feel confident in the quality and care I received concerning my health. Thank you, Kim

Patricia M.  - Glendale AZ

I have now had Thermography at De Novo Scan a few times and I highly recommend it! It's a non-invasive detection method and I don't feel anxious when going there. The place has a very pleasant atmosphere and Tina is amazing! She makes you feel very comfortable, not awkward at all. I would highly recommend her services to everyone!

Kelley F.  - Litchfield Park AZ

Tina was so I sweet and extremely knowledgeable. She answered all my questions and I’m so happy there is an alternative to having a mammogram.

Shari P.  - Paradise Valley AZ

Tina is always so friendly and professional. She’s able to answer any and all questions on thermography I might have. Very pretty office with a wonderful atmosphere. I highly recommend!!!

Suzette (Suzie) B.  - Chandler AZ

Always a pleasure to continue to learn with Tina’s new learning on heath screening aspects! Thank you!

Loren V.  - Tempe AZ

Tina is professional and friendly. The thermal scan itself is simple and non-invasive.

Tary V. - Tempe AZ

Tina is great, kind and informative on thermography. The experience itself is non-invasive and easy…the best kind of medical exam to have!

Ann T. - Scottsdale AZ

Very comfortable atmosphere

Kathy H. - Phoenix AZ

Tina was professional and answered all of my questions without rushing me. She made me feel comfortable and the office atmosphere was very serene and calming, more like someone's home instead of a clinic. Thank you, Tina, for making my thermal imaging experience a very positive one!  

Kim T.  - Mesa AZ

Tina was awesome. She was very informative, helpful and made me feel very comfortable throughout the thermogram. I highly recommend her!

Joan P.  - Litchfield Park AZ

This was my 2nd time I have had a thermal scan done because I did not want to have another mammogram this year which emits a radiation. This is a great way to detect early signs of issues without radiation. It is painless, discreet, and affordable. Thank you, Tina!

Cathy C. - Phoenix AZ

First time having breast thermography. Tina was great. She explained everything well.

Peggy M. - Tempe AZ

Great thermal scan service. Thank you, Tina.

Nancy M.  - Mesa AZ

Tina helped me feel comfortable and explained each step during my health screening. Thank you!

Sally N. - Glendale AZ

I had a very good experience at De Novo Scan. Tina was both professional and friendly and put me right at ease. It was a comfortable and quick appointment.

Mechelle (Dawn) B.  - Chandler AZ

Great experience! Tina is professional and knowledgeable. The thermography procedure is completely painless.

Cheryl M. - Litchfield Park AZ

Thermography is a much more pleasant experience than a mammogram. Tina provides a comfortable environment for this delicate process. Thank you!

Alicia D. - Paradise Valley AZ

Very professional. I felt comfortable during my health screening visit and would highly recommend this place.

Pam P. - Glendale AZ

Tina took the time to explain the thermal scan to me. Would differently go back and refer friends.

Tisha C. - Scottsdale AZ

Nice relaxed atmosphere. Tina explains the thermography process really well and nothing is uncomfortable or awkward. I'm really happy to find De Novo as a partner in my healthcare.

Connie K. - Scottsdale AZ

Tina is personable, understanding and makes an uncomfortable but necessary procedure as comfortable as possible. My health screening went smoothly.

Michelle G. - Tempe AZ

Excellent, knowledgeable and would recommend this thermography place to all my friends!

Beth Ann G. - Mesa AZ

Everything was very pleasant and professional. I am looking forward to getting the scan results.

Suzette S.  - Phoenix AZ

Tina made everything A-ok! Very comfortable and non-invasive health screening.

Gayle S. -Litchfield Park AZ

Easy & pleasant! Thanks Tina!

Anne Marie P.  - Glendale AZ

Very professional health screening tech, friendly and made me comfortable

Deanna G. - Glendale AZ

The whole thermography session was very simple and no equipment ever touched me. Tina made me feel very comfortable and explained what she was scanning as she had me turn around. I can't imagine that it could be any more simple.

Stephanie W. - Paradise Valley AZ

Tina was very informative on thermography and professional throughout the whole process.

Debbie C. - Phoenix AZ

Very good health screening experience.

Michelle A. - Phoenix AZ

Tina is fantastic! She makes you feel like you are talking to your girlfriend instead of having photos taken in a cold room. She puts you at ease immediately. I am so happy I found De Novo Scan! I just booked an appointment for my daughter; I tell everyone about it; don't get radiation when thermography scan is better for you!

Nicole H. - Scottsdale AZ

Thank you for a professional and pleasant thermography scan experience!

Tanesa Y. - Mesa AZ

Tina was great! She made my thermography experience very comfortable.

Emilie J.  - Lichfield Park AZ

The worker was very professional and friendly. She was also very informative.

Kim H. - Chandler AZ

I had a great experience during my very first half body thermal scan. Tina was wonderful and made me feel comfortable during the process. The office is beautiful.

Tiffany C. - Tempe AZ

The office was very cozy. Tina was very welcoming. It was a very comfortable health screeningexperience.

Carla B. - Tempe AZ

I had a very pleasant experience with Tina. I will definitely be returning for future thermography scans!

Denise P. g- Paradise Valley

The apt went well. Tina was great & made me feel comfortable. I am glad to have found De Novo Scan for thermal imaging. I drove 5 hours for this appointment & can say it was a positive experience. Tina is fun & professional. Thank you, De Novo Scan!

Heather S. - Phoenix AZ

Professional, informative and easy health screenin. Thank you!

Janet W. - Phoenix AZ

The appointment was great. Tina was very friendly, accommodating and informative. She answered all of our questions. The thermal imaging is simple from the patient perspective--you just need to be present.

Carolyn E. - Scottsdale AZ

Health screening appointment was simple and quick. It was nice to know I could do this without any radiation as compared to x-rays.

Beth W. - Mesa AZ

Tina is excellent in what she does. We so appreciate her providing this much needed method of thermal examination. I only wish more people realized the utility of thermography!

Heather B. - Chandler AZ

This was my first time having a Thermography scan and Tina was awesome. She was so nice and made the experience very comfortable. The whole experience was amazing!

Elaine R. - Chandler AZ

Timely and efficient and answered all my questions thoroughly. Very personal approach to optimal health screening!

Ruth W. - Tempe AZ

This was my second time of having thermography done. Tina is very professional and considerate. I highly recommend the services they offer.

Georgeanna W. - Tempe AZ

Tina was very pleasant to talk with and she assured me that she would be available to discuss the results of my therographyscan. The procedure took about 15 minutes. I might add that the office and parking are easily accessible off of Hayden.

Christina B. - Phoenix AZ

Friendly and professional. A great experience! I look forward to receiving the thermal scan results.

Carol A. - Mesa AZ

The office was so much more pleasant than the one I have been to in Denver for my thermography scan. Tina is an excellent communicator and made me feel very comfortable.

Isabel S.  - Mesa AZ

Excellent place and Tina is very nice friendly and answer all your questions on thermography scans.

Cheryl R. - Glendale AZ

So easy and felt very comfortable during my health screening!! Highly recommend!!

Sally H. - Glendale AZ

I was looking for a thermography place I could get a breast scan done and I am so happy I found De Novo Scan!! Tina is professional and I will be back!

April K. - Litchfield Park AZ

It was a great visit. She was very friendly and kind and gave me some very helpful information on thermography.

Jennifer D. - Mesa AZ

Tina was great. Very thorough and made the exam as good as could be expected.

Tina S. - Chandler AZ

Great thermography experience! Thank you!

Lindsey S. - Chandler AZ

I very much appreciated the comfort and ease of the thermal scan as well as Tina creating a welcoming and supportive environment. Would definitely recommend!  Thank you!

Mary Ellen R. - Tempe AZ

The office is pleasant. Tina Clemmons is very professional and provided me with information. I had my thermography scan on time and the appointment went smoothly.

Lisa S.  - Scottsdale AZ

Excellent!!! My go-to this place for thermal scan!!! Love Tina!!!


Laurence M. - Mesa AZ

Thermography scan  went very well and timely.

Trish C. - Phoenix AZ

De Novo Scan makes one as comfortable as possible during your health screening. Very professional and highly recommended!

Barbara S. - Phoenix AZ

It was such a simple procedure and a more accurate scan of the breasts and entire body. And Tina was so friendly and explained everything on thermography.

Denise M. - Glendale AZ

Thanks. Very quick and efficient health screening process. - Denise

Cynthia Z. - Paradise Valley AZ

It was fast and easy. I can’t wait to see my thermal scan results. Thank you!

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