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Holistic Services Around Arizona

De Novo Scan doesn't just practice holistic care such as Thermography. We live it! Below you will find a list of doctors, products, and services we believe are of value to Arizonian's. 

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Naturopathic Solutions Phoenix Arizona

Dr. Ehrlich started Solutions™ because he was frustrated by what he saw in health care – both conventional and “naturopathic”: Doctors were failing to address the fundamental CAUSES of a patient’s illness and failing as well to develop a methodical, step-by-step plan for that individual patient to find their way back to the vital health that everyone deserves.

Neural Reset Therapy (also called NRT) is a unique soft-tissue therapy quite different from traditional massage. This technique allows the therapist to reset the nervous system to release muscles from excessive tension and pain within seconds. People with problems in neck and back pain, muscle spasms, headaches (migraines), carpel tunnel syndrome, TMJ, tennis or golf elbow, and sciatica-like pain can benefit greatly (and quickly) by incorporating Neural Reset Therapy into their massage sessions. Or experiencing a session for Neural Reset Therapy alone.

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