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History of Thermography

Thermal Imaging Was Discovered in 1956 and Has Been in Use for Decades

Many in the general public have never heard of Thermography or think that thermography is a new technology. Thermography has a long history. Breast thermography was discovered in 1956 in Montreal, Canada and rapidly became popular throughout the world. It was FDA cleared and then certified by the American Medical Association as an adjunctive screening procedure for breast cancer in 1982. Recent advancements in technology have allowed us to perform even more accurate exams. A 2008 Study published in the American Journal of Surgery, performed at New York Presbyterian Hospital Cornell showed a 97% sensitivity in discriminating cancer compared to biopsy.

Although medical thermography has been around for several decades, it has not received the attention and credit it deserves from the medical establishment. However, there is evidence of more patients becoming aware of this amazing technology and it’s not unusual that the patient is the one who ends up informing their physician about Thermography.

History of Thermography

Dr. Ray Newton Lawson shown with a later iteration of his infrared scanner. Image courtesy of Source: The Ottawa Journal, Mar. 17, 1971.

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