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Thermography Breast Scans

Breast Screening & Mammogram Alternative in Arizona, Thermography

Mesa Arizona

Our thermography screening tools can reveal aspects of your breast health up to 10 years earlier than uncomfortable, invasive, x-rays, such as mammograms.

What is Breast Thermography?

Breast Cancer Screening, Thermography

Mesa Arizona

Thermography for women's breast is a non-invasive and painless way to screen for breast cancer without the use of radiation.  Using state of the art medical infrared technology to assess heat in the breast women can now avoid unnecessary compression of their breast while being screened.


Scientists have been using infrared technology in most aspects of modern science including weather, space programs, and the military for decades now.  Thermography is a 100% reliable tool for assessment for so many things, including the human body.

Breast thermography, the focus is on identifying heat patterns in the breast, look for signs in one's heat signature that could show signs of pathology. For instance, cancerous tumor growth typically results in increased vascular patterns, which can be detected using advanced thermography cameras. Thermography aims to establish a baseline for overall breast health and wellness.

We would love to introduce you to Thermography to stay up to date on your Breast Health.

Arizona Breast Scans, Thermography

What is The Process for a Thermography Breast Exam

Thermography is a non-invasive physical test that can take around 15 -30 minutes in our private offices located in either Phoenix or Mesa, Arizona. Generally, 15 minutes of your appointment is to help align your body temperature with the temperature of our clinic.  Currently, we do offer mobile appointments for groups larger than 6 and up.


You will be asked to complete a breast health history form upon entering our office if you do not fill out your forms prior to arrival. 


Our offices want to put your comfortability first, so we do not rush your processes at all. We will only be using infrared imaging to identify any symmetrical variations in the breast which will be read by our board-certified breast cancer surgeon.


You will be positioned in front of the thermography camera system to capture images of your upper chest, underarms, and breasts. The infrared imaging camera takes these images and stores them for future comparisons, establishing a baseline over time. This technology can provide clear insights into vascular patterns, temperature variations, and potential physiological conditions.

Once captured, these images are interpreted by board-certified breast cancer surgeon. They will process and grade the images digitally who will personalize your reading and send it back to both of us for consultation. 

Why Add Thermography to Your Breast Health Scans?

Breast Thermography, FDA approved, provides a supportive role in the detection of breast cancer, enhancing your overall health strategy. What makes Breast Thermography an attractive choice?

  • Thermography is a 100% safe

  • Thermography is radiation-free

  • Thermography is painless as it is compression free

  • Thermography is convenient

  • Thermography is inclusive to women of all ages and breast density

  • Thermography is available to women under 40

  • Thermography establishes a health baseline and can become an added measure of protection for early detection of abnormalities.

  • Thermography is backed by Scientific Evidence

Arizona Thermography Clinic, De Novo Scan

Mesa Arizona

Thermography vs Mammography

Arizona Women Fight Breast Cancer

Mesa Arizona

Thermography is a reliable and comfortable adjunctive procedure that is used in conjunction with traditional screening methods for health conditions including breast cancer. Please understand that Thermography is NOT a stand-alone diagnostic test, but it provides valuable additional information that can be used in a holistic breast screening. It also may detect abnormalities within the breast that may not yet show up on a mammogram. 

In many cases thermography has helped identify areas of concern in women who have undergone mammography with no detected issues.  The November 2012 issue of the National Library of Medicine discussed the potential benefits of integrating different methods for a comprehensive screening strategy stating that "Abnormal body temperature is a natural indicator of illness." 2012 Jul; 55(4): 221–235.

Thermography also assists with an often-overlooked demographic of women under the age of 40 who have dense breast tissue. Women within this demographic often face challenges for traditional screening methods like mammograms. In fact, over 20,000 cases of breast cancer occur in the United States alone in women under the age of 40. Unfortunately, there is no routine screening protocol for women under 40 and the nature of breast cancer tends to be more aggressive and less responsive to traditional treatments. This means that means that Thermography becomes a wonderful alternative to women of all ages as an early detection screening for Breast Cancer. Especially, if done regularly. 

Breast Cancer Awareness

I have now had Thermography at De Novo Scan a few times and I highly recommend it! It's a non-invasive detection method and I don't feel anxious when going there. The place has a very pleasant atmosphere and Tina is amazing! She makes you feel very comfortable, not awkward at all. I would highly recommend her services to everyone!

- Patricia M.

Tina, you were a blast to share time with. Your knowledge and joy for what you do completely shines through. Thank you for being a special part of my day of celebration.

- Christine E.

Tina is fantastic! She makes you feel like you are talking to your girlfriend instead of having photos taken in a cold room. She puts you at ease immediately. I am so happy I found De Novo Scan! I just booked an appointment for my daughter.  I tell everyone about it!

- Michelle A.

GREAT experience!!! Tina is super friendly & knowledgeable. She made sure to target problem areas and explained everything she was doing and made it a very nice experience.

- Reiko W.

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