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Full Spectrum Thermography Readings

Thermal Imaging
(Thermography) Can Give You a Better Perspective of Your Full Health Spectrum

Inflammatory responses associated diseases, one of the number one health issues in the world, create a thermal pattern that are visually detectable with thermal imaging.

Full Spectrum Thermal Imaging

Prescott Valley Arizona

Prescott Valley Arizona

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Prescott Valley Arizona

Thermal Imaging Center, Patient Review

The Journey Towards Optimal Health Begins on the Path of Self Love.  Begin Your Thermal Imaging Journey Today Near

Prescott Valley Arizona

A Message From
Tina (Clemmons) Loftus

Owner & Certified Clinical Thermographer

at De Novo Scan, Thermal Imaging Center

Welcome and thank you for being here!  I'm Tina (Clemmons) Loftus, Owner of and Thermographer at De Novo Scan, Thermal Imaging Center. 


I started this company 13 years ago after being in the corporate world for so long and feeling a need to do, help and give more.  Wow, has this been an amazing journey and more so than I ever thought possible. 


To date, I've scanned nearly 7,000 clients throughout the Greater Phoenix Area and have met some of the most wonderful human beings in doing so.  I've partnered with, who I believe is the best thermal imaging reading doctor in the U.S., former breast surgeon, women's advocate, author, speaker, breast & overall health expert, Dr. Christine Horner, MD, FACS. 


De Novo Scan has ranked as the #1 thermal imaging company in Arizona for 6 years in a row and as the only thermal imaging company ever to be ranked in the Healthcare> Medical Imaging section of Ranking Arizona.  I was also named one of 2019's Most Influential Phoenicians by Arizona Foothills Magazine last year.  I guess my passion really shines through for what I "get" to wake up and do every day.  I love it!

My favorite part of my business is taking care of my clients and making them feel as informed and as comfortable as they can be.  Like most of my clients, I'm sure there are a lot of questions you have and I'm happy to answer them all.  In the meantime, if you're considering which thermography company you should go to, consider who is actually interpreting your images and then click the button below to read hundreds of reviews left by our clients to get a feel of what your experience will be like here or call me to learn more.  I hope to see you soon!

Tina Clemmons, DeNovo Scan, Thermal Imaging Center, Thermographer, Phoenix, AZ - Get Your Full Spectrum Reading

I have now had Thermal Imaging at De Novo Scan a few times and I highly recommend it! It's a non-invasive detection method and I don't feel anxious when going there. The place has a very pleasant atmosphere and Tina is amazing! She makes you feel very comfortable, not awkward at all. I would highly recommend her services to everyone!

- Patricia M.

Tina, you were a blast to share time with at your Thermal Imaging Center. Your knowledge and joy for what you do completely shines through. Thank you for being a special part of my day of celebration.

- Christine E.

Tina is fantastic! She makes you feel like you are talking to your girlfriend instead of having photos taken in a cold room. She puts you at ease immediately. I am so happy I found De Novo Scan, Thermal Imaging Center! I just booked an appointment for my daughter.  I tell everyone about it!

- Michelle A.

GREAT experience!!! Tina is super friendly & knowledgeable. She made sure to target problem areas and explained everything she was doing and made it a very nice experience at her Thermal Imaging Center.

- Reiko W.

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