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Breast Thermography Phoenix, AZ

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Tina Clemmons, CCT

President & Founder of De Novo Scan
Certified Clinical Thermographer 
Bachelor of Science Degree, Dietetics

Tina has always had an interest in the health industry in several capacities.  Being around her grandparents' Kentucky farm for most of her childhood played a large role in her interest in nutrition and how food affects our body's health.  She went on to school to become a Registered Dietitian. While working in a hospital and a couple of nursing homes, she decided that that kind of medical environment wasn't playing to her heartstrings.

After a decision to take a break, she moved from Kentucky to California taking time to decide what she really wanted to do.  She spent a couple of years as an golf tournament coordinator for The Pepsi Tour then decided it was time to get back to health sciences.  She turned down an opportunity in pharmaceutical sales with a very large company because it "just didn't feel right" and soon ended up with an opportunity financing various medical equipment for doctors, medical practices, hospitals, etc.  "It was a great career for over 10 years but after the financial downfall of 2008, working for a terrible manager and finally burning out, I was once again looking for that "thing" that would feel rewarding.  After searching and researching, Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging fell in my lap and I've never looked back.  It is truly what I'm suppose to being doing and every day I am honored to be able to help those seeking health screening through thermal imaging." 

Combining her studies in sciences such as anatomy & physiology, microbiology & biochemistry with her expertise in nutrition and food science and experience in working with doctors and healthcare facilities with all types of medical equipment financing, she understands what is good and what is bad for our bodies and will assist you in working through the recommendations provided by your thermal imaging results.  She is dedicated to helping you feel your very best.

"Here's to PREVENTION and finding disease early and safely!  VERY EARLY detection saves lives!  I look forward to getting to know you both personally and physiologically!"